Lectio Divina

1 min leestijd

Een van de zaken waar ik tijdens de conferentie in Kairosmaja mee kennis maakte, was het principe van Lectio Divina. Hieronder de manier van bijbellezen in een groep.


Lectio Divina Shared in Community
Listening for the Gentle Touch of Christ the Word (The Literal Sense)

One person reads aloud (twice) the passage of scripture, as others are attentive to some segment that is especially meaningful to them.
Silence for 1-2 minutes. Each hears and silently repeats a word or phrase that attracts.

Sharing aloud: [A word or phrase that has attracted each person]. A simple statement of one or a few words. No elaboration.

How Christ the Word speaks to ME (The Allegorical Sense)

Second reading of same passage by another person.

Silence for 2-3 minutes. Reflect on "Where does the content of this reading touch my life today?"
Sharing aloud: Briefly: "I hear, I see…"

What Christ the Word Invites me to DO(The Moral Sense)


Third reading by still another person.
Silence for 2-3 minutes. Reflect on "I believe that God wants me to . . . . . . today/this week."

Sharing aloud: at somewhat greater length the results of each one's reflection. [Be especially aware of what is shared by the person to your right.]

After full sharing, pray for the person to your right.

Note: Anyone may "pass" at any time. If instead of sharing with the group you prefer to pray silently , simply state this aloud and conclude your silent prayer with Amen.